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Personal Face & Body Kit (5 Device Package)

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If you’d rather not spend a fortune on facials, tight lifts, and other procedures at the dermatologist’s office, then Our Personal Face & Body Kit is just the right fit for you. Enjoy all the professional procedures from the comfort of your own home, with our top selling products at a huge discount! This Package has products specially designed to fulfill the needs of your Face and Body

Ultrasonic Anti-Cellulite & Fat Burner, EMS Facial Lifter and Skin Rejuvenation, Blackhead Remover, Jade Stone Face Roller & Eye & Lip Massager, you get all at a fraction of the price

1. Ultrasonic Anti-Cellulite & Fat Burner

Get your skin refined while slimming down the targeted zones for a tighter, firmer, and more youthful body without going through painful sessions of running up and down the hill.

Now you can eat healthier while burning down more calories by adding this device into your balanced routine.

Our massager probe is clinically proven to perform a safe heating reaction incorporate with the powerful ultrasonic speed.

It vibrates at 1,000,000 times per second that instantly activates your skin cell membranes and accelerates metabolism to effectively eliminate any undesirable tissue waste and thus, results in a slender body result.

This intelligent ultrasonic device works on regenerating your skin cell to prevent the sign of aging as well.

Ultrasonic massage: can enhance the permeability of cell membranes, promote skin to absorb essences, improve cellular tissue nutrition and reinforce the regeneration ability of cellular tissue, it can also decompose fat and tighten your skin.

Far infrared: LED red light has a strong permeability, promote collagen hyperplasia, fade fine lines, restore skin elasticity and repair cells.

EMS treatment: can activate cells, stimulate the muscles with passive movement, muscular movement speeds up fat consumption, so as to achieve slimming effect.

Mini and stylish appearance, convenient to carry and easy to use. For both face and body use.


  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
  • Output Voltage: DC 5V
  • Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: 15V
  • Power: Max. 12W
  • Ultrasonic frequency: 1MHz  

2. EMS Facial Lifter and Skin Rejuvenation:

This beauty tool is used for collagen injection without the use of a needle. Macromolecular components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid cannot easily penetrate the deep layer of the skin from the surface. But with our special advanced and certified technology called "Electroporation," you can achieve a high level of effectiveness without any pain and its safe to use.

Our EMS device is ideal for skin rejuvenation, skin toning, wrinkle removal, anti-aging, skin renewal, pimple removal, blemish removal, anti-allergy, pore size reduction, and increasing skin elasticity. This lightweight and portable device not only improves facial contours and skin tone but through its state-of-the-art technology it will noticeably reduce fine lines. It also promotes the production of collagen and stimulates your skin's metabolism.

 Different LED Lights designed to perform set functions

Pink light
  • Wavelength: 415nm (+ - 10nm)
  • Skin whitening, suitable for dark skin
Pink flashing light
Enhance the absorption of beauty fluid, and make the skin more clear and whiter
Red light 
  • Wavelength: 620nm (+ - 10nm)
  • Make skin more bright , more elastic
Yellow light
  • Wavelength: 590nm (+ - 10nm)
  • Detoxification, Make the skin more healthy
Blue light
  • Wavelength: 465nm (+ - 10nm)
  • Stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is the essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue. Best for fine lines, reduce pore size, swollen after surgery.
Green light
  • Wavelength: 520nm (+ - 10nm)
  • Enhance the absorption of beauty fluid, and make the skin more clear and white

Technology Highlights:

Micro-current: Four elements are used to ensure the electrical current gently stimulates the muscle tissues

Electroporation: Achieve the highest level of effectiveness, with this certified technology, without any pain.

Mesoporation: Effective penetration of active nutrition ingredients from the skin surface of 1mm about 10 times, 4mm about 27 times, which delays the aging effect.

LED: For the treatment of acne lesions. It works efficiently without damaging the skin by using an especially sensitive LED light developed exclusively for beauty equipment.

Radio-frequency (RF): For detoxification, lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation. Electrical energy tends to follow the shortest distance between two electrodes. When electricity runs through living tissue the high energy flow generates heat as a characteristic of the electrical energy and the resistance to electricity by the living tissue.

How to use:

  1. Clean skin and make sure you are not wearing any metal accessories.
  2. Apply lotion/essential on the skin and get the device ready.
  3. Select the desired LED feature and power level
  4. Massage skin with it for 10 minutes each part per day. Move the device slowly on the area. Treatment shall not exceed 20 minutes on same area.
  5. The system will automatically stop after 10 minutes.
  6. Clean skin and device after use.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White
  • Output Voltage: DC 5V
  • Power: Max. 7.5W
  • Charging Power: 2.5W
  • Battery Capacity: 840mAh
  • Charging Method: USB Charging
  • Charging Time: About 3 hours
  • Working Time: 10mins / time ( 3 times per week)s
  • Standby Time: 40 Days

    3. Blackhead Remover

    Don’t mess around when it comes to the delicate facial skin! If you want to shrink pores and eliminate blackheads and whiteheads to reveal fresher, smoother skin, then our clinically approved and most selling Blackhead remover device is just the right product for you.

    Our portable smart BlackHead Remover uses pore vacuum extraction to deep clean your skin to the most thorough do-it-yourself experience. No need to use those painful acne needles or those hard to remove nose masks -- and definitely no going back to manual squeezing! Simply stick the suction wand over your skin and voila! Your face is now primed and ready to absorb your favorite serum and moisturizer at a boosted rate, all done safely and efficiently.

    It comes with three adjustable modes that have been thoughtfully designed for your delicate skin. With this customizable skincare routine, your face will feel clearer and softer than ever!

    Gentle mode: Light suction perfectly suited to sensitive skin.
    Standard mode: Strong suction for normal skin to remove whiteheads, blackheads, and makeup residue.
    Powerful mode: An even stronger suction designed especially for oily skin to remove stubborn blackhead

    Our Blackhead remover comes with five interchangeable suction heads, specifically design to help you customize your skincare sessions to target different areas of your skin


    • Material: ABS + PP
    • Power: Max. 3W
    • Rated Voltage: 5V 1A
    • Charging Method: USB Charging
    • Charging Time: About 2.5 hours
    • Working Time: 180 Minutes
    • Standby Time: 30 Days

    4. Jade Stone Face Roller

    The Jade Facial Roller is an incredible tool for inner and outer beauty. Facial rolling is relaxing and de-stressing. It’s been a beauty ritual since ancient times in China, dating all the way back to the 7th century. Physically, it helps to firm the look of skin through gentle massage. It also aids in supporting the lymphatic system, the body’s main major detoxification system. Metaphysically, jade brings peace and harmony, and is known to help reduce stress.

    Our new Jade Rollers are crafted with improved hardware and higher quality ethically-mined stones to withstand the tests of time and use. The new Jade Rollers improve circulation and vitality, helping to freshen your complexion and luminosity. Each Jade Facial Roller will vary slightly in color and shape since each is made from genuine stone and each stone is unique.

    This product is an Allure Best of Beauty winner.

    Beauty Tip:
    After cleansing and toning, smooth a few drops of facial oil into skin. This will help the Facial Roller glide across the skin with ease, while the roller will help the facial oil to absorb better, increasing its benefits. For extra cooling and soothing place the stone in the refrigerator or on ice. The stone is naturally cold, but this extra temperature drop will support circulation and natural collagen production, drain congested lymph nodes, rid the body of toxins, and help with sinus issues.

      5. Eye & Lip Massager

      Wondering why you always look fatigued?

      Introducing this intelligent anti-aging eye massager combines high-frequency micro-vibration with negative ion technology that enhances absorption of your skincare to help rejuvenate the skin, increase blood circulation and lighten dark circles.

      Experience The Difference In Just 20 Days

      Saggy eye bags can be a pain in the neck.

      It’s never too early or late to start anti-aging around the eyes. Use our magical eye massager to restore youthful and radiant eyes from the comfort of your home. The EMS current helps penetrate nutrients deep into skin layers and stimulate collagen under your eyes.

      Why Light Therapy?

      Red light helps alleviate eye fatigue and lighten dark circles around the eyes. It helps diminish the appearance of eye wrinkles and fine lines.

      Blue light acts as a skin tightening effect and make your under eyes soft and tender.

      Combining the two lights can reduce the oily secretion that causes skin irritation, eliminate pigment precipitation, and gives you a better overall result.

      Unlock Your One-Size-Fits-All Solution

      Easy-to-carry: Take this super lightweight anti-aging eye massager with you wherever you are. You will not be even feeling the weight in your bag.

      Battery Life Saver: Need no worry about draining the battery anymore. The induction of ion head will automatically shut off once without using for a minute. 

      Time-saving: Now you can save your time covering up dark circles under your eyes. It glides on smoothly and gives you a boost of radiance from within.

      42℃ ± 3℃ constant temperature hot compress and specially designed ion lead in technology, can promote the nutrition absorption of skin care products. 12,000 times/min high frequency micro-vibration massage, can activate skin cells and repair skin elastic fiber.


      • Material: ABS + PC
      • Power: Max. ≤1W
      • Charging voltage: 5V
      • Working voltage: 3.7V
      • Working current: 20-200mA
      • Vibration frequency: 12000±1500rpm
      • Temperature: 42℃±3℃
      • Charging Method: USB Charging
      • Charging Time: About 2 hours
      • Working Time: 90 Minutes
      • Standby Time: 20 Days

      Personal Face & Body Kit Complete Package Includes:

      • 1 x Ultrasonic Anti-Cellulite & Fat Burner ($79.99 Value)
      • 1 x Blackhead Remover & Accessories ($49.99 Value)
      • 1 x EMF Beauty Device ($59.99 Value)
      • 1 x Jade Stone Face Roller ($39.99 Value)
      • 1 x Eye & Lip Massager ($39.99 Value)
      • USB Wires
      • User Manuals     

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